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SYNAPSIS Multifunctional Workstations

23 Lut 2011   //   Autor: admin   //   Radary, Raytheon Anschütz


In its standard configuration the Synapsis Multifunctional Workstations are capable to display (Chart-) Radar, ECDIS, Conning and AIS data in any desired combination at one dedicated position. Being based on standard hardware, the workstations allow for highly scalable system solutions.

The Synapsis Multifunctional Workstations are set up to provide all information for precise, safe and easy operation. The Synapsis Multifunctional Workstations ensure excellent situation awareness and reliable performance under all conditions, supported throughout the lifetime of your vessel with a focus on lowest life cycle costs.

Providing a standardized HMI, all solutions efficiently assist the crew in collision avoidance, route planning and track control. Optionally further applications such as CCTV, DP system, or Automation from various suppliers can be integrated on the workstations.

    • Full navigation data access at any workstation
    • Easy operation through common operator philosophy
    • Easier watch keeping increases safety at sea
    • Optimized system functionality when combining main functions of an integrated bridge, e.g. integrated autopilot operation in radar and ECDIS, track monitoring and overlay of radar, ECDIS and AIS representations
    • Redundancy of equipment leads to additional safety
    • Easier spare parts logistics through standardized processors and monitors
    • Reduced life cycle costs

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