System zegara centralnego (Master Clock System)

Master Clock System

Master Clock

Marine Master Clock is the ideal solution for distribution of both Local and UTC time on board ships.

Several outputs and inputs available

The Master Clock is equipped with several outputs and inputs for control of Slave Clocks as well as distribution of time to computers and other equipment needing correct time. The four Slave Clock outputs can be individually programmed for different types of clocks. External radio receivers / time synchronisation sources can be connected when higher accuracy is needed.

For control and regulation of various energy consumers such as electrical striking plates, buzzers for pause signalling etc, the Master Clock has a built in yearly programmer with two relay outputs.

The Master Clock is equipped with 10 buttons and a 2 x 16 character LCD. To facilitate the change of time zone two of the buttons are dedicated for this purpose. A light dimmer makes it possible to adjust the background illumination to the surrounding light level.

  • Accuracy +/- 0.1 sec./24 hours
  • Wide range of different slave clocks (digital, 65, Ex-proof, etc.)
  • Easy cabling and calibration
  • Accessories and options like radio- or satellite
  • Signal receivers, RS232C/RS485 interface
  • Alarm outputs, etc.
  • Automatic summer- winter time change-over