Rozgłośnie PA (Public Address System)

Public Address System (SPA)

Public Address System (SPA)

The SPA-V2 system is specially designed to meet the demands for a cost-effective Public Address system for use on board ships. The system is available in different versions and offers a set of standard and optional features which covers the equirements for a marine PA and general alarm systems for all type of ships.

Each SPA rack supports from 120W to 2800W. A system can consist of multiple racks to provide needed capacity. The racks can be provided in the following sizes: 12 HU, 16 HU, 20 HU, 24 HU, 30 HU and 40 HU.

The SPA system supports the VINGTOR integrated PA and GA solution. This solution is type approved for Public Address and general alarm. Together with the VINGTOR ACM, the SPA system are extremely cost efficient where SPA loudspeaker loops are used together with the integrated ACM units to cover areas where PA and GA are required onboard the ship.

At delivery, the rack is equipped and internally wired according to customer specifications.

  • Standalone PA and GA system made for the ship environment
  • 19” rack w/screw terminals for ship cable network
  • Power Amplifiers, 100 V line with alternative power output of 120, 240 or 400 W
  • Provides monitoring of power amplifiers
  • 6 zones selection + ALL
  • VINGTOR integrated PA/GA solution in combination with VINGTOR ACM
  • Input for 3 microphone panels
  • AUX / Alarm input
  • Input from Talk-Back system
  • Input from PABX (preselected zones)
  • Mains 230 V AC/24 V DC w/auto switch-over
  • Built-in pre-amplifiers
  • Wide set of microphone and alarm panels
Type approved

The system is tested according to EN60945 and are type approved by DNV, RMRS, CCS and CRS.

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