The Synapsis Integrated Bridge / Navigation System covers task-oriented workstations providing full access to all nautical functions, advanced data management, and integrates various sensors for target detection, heading, position and further navigation data, and steering control systems.

Synapsis complies with IMO’s Performance and Test Standards for Integrated Navigation Systems (INS) as specified in MSC252(83)/IEC61924-2.

Synapsis offers advanced system functionality to increase performance, safety and simplicity through a more intelligent use of resources, redundancies and information in the network.

Important functions are, for example, the new alert management, a new continuous system performance monitoring and to have access to any data and function at any place.

All Synapsis workstations are based on new, standardized hardware components.

Being the heart of each workstation an innovative and flexible infrastructure software framework improves the operation of the ship through intelligent and modular integration of all data from sensors and selected ship systems.

The Synapsis network structure provides high flexibility to meet almost any individual network requirements, making the INS suitable and affordable for any ship type. Moreover, by utilizing modern network architecture and offering better integration, exchange and presentation of data, Synapsis is the entrance ticket to Shipping 4.0.

All solutions are backed up with qualified worldwide service around the clock to ensure reliable operation and maximum work time of the vessel.

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