Radary – Synapsis Workstation

Synapsis NX Workstations

Radar, ECDIS and conning applications by Raytheon Anschütz offer advanced functionality beyond basic IMO requirements to contribute to safer navigation and more efficient watchkeeping. Synapsis NX workstations are available as a multifunctional workstation with access to all nautical applications or as a stand-alone system for a single application only. All applications on the Synapsis workstations use a standardized HMI and provide central and local modes for dimming and color. Different color palettes are available for day and night operations. Standardized hardware components and an innovative network simplify installation and offer high flexibility for future adaptations and needed redundancy. The new NX architecture reduces complexity and offers high scalability, redundancy, and flexibility as well as a better resistance to failures. The Small Marine Computer (SMC) is the standard hardware for all workstations. The NautoPlex collects data from all serial attached sensors and distributes the data via LAN to the workstations. The radar video is also distributed via LAN to the workstations. Having all data enabled to LAN, additional workstations can be easily added to the system. Each workstation provides data processing and distribution. Facts & Features

  • Safety and efficiency through “any function at any place”
  • Integrated redundancies (as a multifunctional workstation)
  • Intelligent central alert management for safety and reduced stress
  • Fewer and standardized components for a less errorprone installation, thus better reliability
  • Streamlined sensor collection increases flexibility and reduces cabling efforts
  • Radar video on LAN (integration of Anschütz NautoScan NX radar sensor)
  • Standardized hardware simplifies installation, improves logistics and facilitates services
  • Software simplifies configuration and service

Prospekt: Synapsis NX Workstation