VINGTOR EXIGO Public Address and GA System

The VINGTOR Exigo system is specially designed to meet the demands of public address and general alarm systems for offshore installation and ships. The system is scalable and offers a set of standard and optional features making it ideal for all kinds of ships and offshore installations.

The system can also utilize innovative addressable IP loudspeakers. The IP loudspeakers are individually addressable, configurable and monitored.

Each IP loudspeaker features maximum 10 watt audio effect. One system controller can handle up to 500 IP loudspeakers. More IP loudspeakers can be added by adding one or more system controllers to the system.

The VINGTOR Exigo system supports the VINGTOR integrated PA and GA solution.
This solution is type approved for public address and general alarm.

Together with the VINGTOR ACM, the VINGTOR Exigo system is cost efficient where loudspeaker loops are used together with the integrated ACM units to cover areas where PA and GA are required.
The system is delivered in one or more racks with all internal wiring and configuration done according to customer specifications.

– Fully IP PA and GA system made for offshore and ship environments
– Addressable IP loudspeakers supporting PoE (10 Watts)
– Full monitoring of system components, call panels and speaker loops
– Power amplifiers 100/70 volt line with Ethernet interface
– Supports 250 PA zones
– Supports 150 IP call/alarm panels
– Control inputs and outputs
– Analogue audio inputs and outputs
– Mains 115/230 Vac and 24/48 Vdc emergency power with automatic switch over
– Integration with PBX, typhoon and fire alarm
– Supports VINGTOR integrated PA, GA and intercom solution


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